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     Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministry of soulcleansed in a financial capacity. soulcleansed began in early 2002, when husband and wife team, Robbie and Bekah Ferguson began feeling a call to youth ministry on their lives. The initial project, Keepin' It Real saw radio success with songs like We Break His Heart Again, Goinatelia, and of course, Keepin' It Real.

     Now, soulcleansed is stronger than ever with a few more years studio experience, and a new-found sound with Lauren B joining the band in 2004.

     The term soulcleansed itself represents purity. soulcleansed strives to promote purity in all areas of Christian life; sexual, spiritual, physical, mental, the list could go on. soulcleansed is not afraid to be real with their fans (hence the title of their first CD). Robbie shares his testimony; being released from immorality and occultism by finding a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through their ministry, soulcleansed has seen lives changed and listeners prompted to live a life that is pleasing to God.

     The ministry of soulcleansed was initially funded solely by Robbie and Bekah's personal income, and later donations arrived to help fund our first project. Although the couple still pours their heart and money into the ministry, your financial contribution can be used to further increase the effects of soulcleansed on the younger generations of our world.

     soulcleansed is currently working on creating their newest CD in studio. The new disc is centred largely around true love, holiness, and serving God. soulcleansed is also going to be dealing with more "real-life" issues on this next disc, such as self-esteem, and sharing Christ with people we meet.

     The effects of this ministry will be largely related to how much financial support we have to back it up. With a small budget, we can reach a few; but our goal as a ministry is to reach out to both the United States and Canada with our next CD. There are also plans to begin distribution in countries such as Australia and even Iceland, where response to our first CD has been overwhelming.

     To the non-Christian or corporate supporter: We realize, as a Christian band, some of our goals may not seem clear to you. We would simply like you to understand that our goal, as a band, is to promote "goodness" and love to our fans. Hip-hop without vulgarity is rare, dance music without sexual inuendo is also rare, yet soulcleansed brings a clean message with a fun musical style that all people can enjoy. If we can influence just one person to not commit suicide... if we can, through music, bring a precious child out of their depression and hatred towards their parents or others, it all becomes worthwhile. We're not about being "preachy" - we simply want to help young people find more in life than drugs, promiscuous sex, and the emptiness that is felt inside when living that type of lifestyle.

     In advance, we thank you for your support. If you are unable to provide financially to this ministry, we do appreciate your prayers, and sharing about soulcleansed to your church, youth group, and friends.

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