soulcleansed :: No Matter No Matter, 2007
The brand new CD from soulcleansed is available now! Featuring hot Christian dance tracks - perfect for working out, jogging, walking, driving, dancing, or just plain listening.
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soulcleansed :: 'tis tha season 'tis tha season, 2003
The soulcleansed Christmas album. Featuring 6 new tracks released for Christmas! 3 soulcleansed originals and 3 favorites done in styles ranging from pop to techno and dance. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!
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soulcleansed :: Keepin' It Real Keepin' It Real, 2002
The debut CD from soulcleansed. Lots of smooth hip-hop, melded with techno synth and sweet guitar. 14 full-length tracks and a number of hidden tracks make Keepin' It Real a sweet addition to any music collection.
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soulcleansed :: Keepin' It Real - Karaoke Keepin' It Real - Karaoke Edition, 2005 ($12.99)
Now you can sing six of your favorite soulcleansed tracks from Keepin' It Real. Full-quality background tracks as well as the original recordings are provided so you can perform! Lyric sheet also included.

soulcleansed :: Miscellaneous Tracks Miscellaneous Tracks
This is where we drop any random tracks that we've done, which are not available on any of the above listed CDs.