Band Bios

Lauren Lauren B, Lead Female Vocals
Lauren joined the band in the summer of 2004. She worked with the rest of the team on soulcleansed's album, No Matter. A talented songwriter and singer, Lauren brings a fresh vibe and added flare to the unique music of soulcleansed. A passionate and joyful-hearted young women, Lauren is a pleasing addition to soulcleansed and loves getting to know their fans.

Robbie djRobbieF, Producer
Lead Male Vocals / Male Hip-Hop
Robbie's been singing since he was just a kid. Starring in a number of stage musicals in his teenage years gave him a lot of experience performing in front of people. Having produced the first soulcleansed CD with just his wife, Bekah back in 2002, Robbie honed his skills over the subsequent years to bring fans a fresh sound that is unique to soulcleansed. As the host of the successful web-based technology "TV" show Category5, djRobbieF enjoys merging his passion for both technology and music into what you hear from soulcleansed.

Bekah Bekah, Female Vocals / Female Hip-Hop
Bekah has been singing all her life, but it wasn't until her late teens that she began singing publicly. Writing has always been her number one passion, but it wasn't until djRobbieF suggested that she try writing a song, that Bekah actually made her first attempt at songwriting. Much to her joy, songwriting came as naturally as her fiction writing, and she was amazed that she'd never thought of trying it previously. Since then, together with the bands' collective vision for music, soulcleansed has become a deep rooted passion and ambition in her life. She loves being able to inspire others through such a fun and entertaining means of communication. To check out Bekah's other writing, visit her site at